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Modified Paint Additive

Modified Paint Additive
Product Detailed

paint additive is a kind of high-tech modified paint additive specially replace Tio2.

General introduction of the modified kaolin powder


The special paint powder our company produced is a kind of crystallized aluminosilicate that made by refined kaolin as raw material to replace the expensive sodium aluminate and sodium silicate preparation. It owns uniform aperture and extremely  high specific surface area, thermal stability, adsorption ability and intensity.


The main components of the paint additive are ultra fine calcined kaolin and Titanium Dioxide. It owns several functional advantages as the modified paint additive and Titanium Dioxide.


It can be widely used as dehydrating agent in painting and dying industries. It owns good whiteness, dispersibility, fast adsorption, suspension property, hiding power and tinting strength. It can protect the stability of the media and strengthen the mechanical strength and adhesive power of the paint film. It can also prevent crack, ultraviolet rays and moisture transmission so as to prolong the longevity of the paint film. It has an ideal effect to prevent the precipitating action in the water paint while also playing a good role as the inorganic thickening agent.


It has a profound drying effect to the original material and can absorb a certain scale of the moisture so as to prevent the chemical reaction between moisture and other active component. It can also absorb a certain acid gas such as hydrothion and carbon dioxide so as to improve the physical and chemical property.


It is specially applied in paint, resin and adhesive as additive for removing the bubble and increase the degree of uniformity and intensity.


Main properties:

(1) The property of ion exchange—the function to soften the water quality

(2) The adsorbability to the surface active agent—the function of liquid carrier.

(3) The detersive powder—a strong detersive powder with a right proportion of the powder.

(4) Good effect to prevent the precipitating action—to prevent the adhesion on the fabric and textile.

(5) Good buffer action to the pH value.

(6) Environmental friendly without poisonous and safe to people.


Molecular formula:       TZJ-4:     0.05TiO2·Na2O·Al2O3·2.0SiO2·4.5H2O 












Bulk Density



Moisture Adsorbance



pH Value



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